Miranda Kerr bikini Pictures in Victoria's Secret Models

Miranda Kerr bikini Pictures in Victoria's Secret Models

Bikini body talk, Miranda Kerr has a jaw dropping last month when he saw the posing in skimpy bathing suit only a few weeks after giving birth to her first child with husband Orlando Bloom, Flynn. But 28 years insisted that none of the diet involved accidents.

"I practice yoga overall pregnancy and at the same time I have been eating healthy, many vegetables Super and fresh fish and berries fresh juice. The most important thing is I am healthy so that I could be healthy for my child, "he told us, adding that the granting of ASI also plays an important role in helping him restore pre-pregnancy body next to no time.dy" list.

And like Swanepoel, there was once a time when Kerr too didn’t think that she had the looks to make a living based on her looks.

“Everyone has moment in their lives where they feel insecure or unsure and I think the most important thing is to realize that it’s a part of life—a growing experience. I think once you embrace yourself for who you are, that’s the most important thing.

“Do not compare yourself to anyone else,” she said. “I was quite shy as a child so it’s definitely something I’ve grown into. I think having a child helps with that, it puts everything into perspective…  I feel sexier and more empowered now I’m a mother."

And for Kerr, one of the "Sexiest" characteristics a woman can possess is a sense of humor.

"It's the sixth year that Victoria's Secret has the 'What is Sexy' list and this year there are 17 categories from sexiest legs to sexiest lips," Kerr added. "My favorite is sexiest sense of humor, the winner this year was Chelsea Handler. It's a sexy thing when someone can have a laugh and be funny."


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